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Lake Carey Volunteer Fire Company

Wyoming County Station # 69

Photo Gallery

Fold-a-Tank Drill 30 NOV 09 Fold-a-Tank Drill 30 NOV 09 The Fold-A-Tank This is what it all looks like when we take it off of the Tanker to be set up... 63132989 Pulling the Tank Out (Amanda): OK, Guys, I want it right here... 61172988 The Hardware Everything fits neatly in this bag. 61172962 Unfolding the Tank Unfold and spread the tank body out on the floor. 61172984 Put floor framework together Aluminum poles click onto the bottoms of the support posts. 61172983 Then the top framework... Zeth and Bobby J. feed the next set of aluminum poles through the loops on the top of the tank and attach them to the support posts. 61172981 Getting that last pole in place Zeth and Ron put the final top pole into the top loops and clicks it to the support post. 61172979 Voila! A Fold-A-Tank! It's solidly supported and capable of holding 3,000 gallons of water. 61172966 Looking at the finished product... Amanda, Zeth and Ron stand back and take a good look at the corners and what the assembly looks like. 61172977 A little history... Chf 1 Bob Sickler explained a little about the differences between this tank and the old square iron sided tank we had. This is much lighter and easier to set up with much less chance for physical injury. 61172978 Gallonage markings... The tank is clearly marked inside in 500 gallon increments so we know at a glance just how much water we have in it at any given time. 61172969 Inside view of a top corner Tab in the center protects the jointure of the post and poles. 61172970 Inside view of the drain 3" flange 61172968 Questions... Chf 1B T.J. Plata answered some questions from the members. 61172973 Outside view of a corner post at the top 61172974 Outside view of a corner post at the bottom 61172975 There are 8 support posts. 61172976 And now we dismantle it... Chf 1B takes a pole out of the top. 61172980 Packing the poles and posts Chf 1B T.J. Plata hands a pole to Amanda as Jay and Zeth dismantle their side of the tank frame. 61172982 It all fits... First the poles and then the posts to either side of the poles and they get belted into place. 61172986 Then the Tank... The tank is folded and placed into the top of the bag. 61172989 And Zip... Close the zipper and it's ready to go back onto the Tanker and ready for a call. 61172990